Our work embraces architecture, planning, engeenering and infrastructure.


GAVALEC & EKA ARCHITECTS understands that the best architecture comes from a completely integrated approach from conception to completion. We have a strong creative team, in which structural and environmental engineers work alongside the architects from the beginning of the design process. By doing so, we believe that they can learn from one another and combine their knowledges to devise wholly integrated design solutions. The design teams are supported by numerous disciplines, ensuring that we have the knowledge base to create buildings that are uplifting to use and environmentally sustainable.


Our approach is driven by a belief that the quality of our environment has a strong influence on the quality of our lives at home, in the workplace, the cultural building or the public realm. The same thinking applies at the larger scale of infrastructure, whether that is an airport, an underground system, a town centre or a urban regional plan.

Design in that sense is ranging from the functional and environmental performance of a building to a concern for its physical and cultural context. Not least is a concern for the 'artistic' dimension, such as we find in the modelling and sculpting of spaces by attractive proportions and shapes.


To achieve a sustainable built building or environment, engineering needs to be integrated from the outset of the design process. The practice therefore has engineering groups focused on environmental and structural engineering as well as other specialist teams. The teams work on projects, consultancy and competitions, bringing expertise and guarding the quality of the design principles, right through to the end of the project. Working alongside design teams in an open, collaborative environment, the groups strengthen the studio’s environmental agenda, capabilities and commitment to integrated design.

Early consideration of the structure in the design process has benefits for the building in terms of its design, its costs, and the speed of its construction. Decisions taken at this early stage have major effects on outcomes further along in the design process. This approach avoids developing options that are ultimately unfeasible or impractical to construct.

In addition, it is possible to prepare for future stages, and to organise the collection of appropriate information, such as wind environment data, geotechnical investigations and infrastructure surveys.


By analysing trends influencing cities today, we are able to create communities for the future.

Our urban design team applies a complex approach to the study of the city, exploring patterns of behaviour, history, demographics and the hidden systems that influence the built environment, from the property market to underground infrastructure. The team draws on an extensive body of data to inform the design process. 


The very first step in the design process is to work with clients to help them evaluate their needs. This dialogue can often lead to new ways of thinking and applies across the spectrum: from the home, to the workplace, to schools, hospitals, cultural and civic buildings.

From strategic brief development to detailed spatial analysis, our workplace consultancy helps us to develop solutions for a wide range of buildings and masterplans. We also play a post-occupancy role, helping occupants to enjoy the full potential of their new building; and we conduct user surveys in order to learn from practical experience.


The Project Management Department provides in-house management expertise, allowing GAVALEC & EKA ARCHITECTS to deliver integrated services to clients through the lifecycle of a project – from concept, through construction to completion. The department’s activities include budgeting and cost management; programme and resource management; contract management and administration.

They are able to provide an independent project-management service, helping clients and multi-disciplinary teams to define, plan, monitor and deliver a project on time, within budget and to the highest quality.