We design by researching and chalenging – by asking the right questions.


We invest in further innovations in 2017. Over a period of more than 20 years we have pioneered technological advances in our working methods, and worked closely with industry to develop the application of new construction techniques in individual projects. Our design decisions are always informed by detailed analysis.

Our commitment to research into sustainable environments has allowed us to bring our expertise to bear on a wide range of projects, at a variety of scales. Our post-occupancy research allows us to refine design solutions to ensure long-term flexibility.


Our applied research and development team applies technological innovations to complex design challenges, placing the latest advances from producers in the hands of architects and engineers. They bring expertise in archirectural shapes analysis, optimisation, fabrication, interaction design and derivated data visualisation. 

Their work includes projecting various analysis on to different scaled models, to facilitate design decisions; and by exploring ‘projected reality’, they have introduced multi-dimensional scanning, optical inteligence and human recognition to bring the intuitive influences of the real world into a human senses.